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Living at a high level of stoke AKA “Stokable”

I’m highly stokable!!! That’s why I often use three exclamation points. I realize that “stokable” isn’t really a word, but I like to use it because it describes how I feel.

To stoke is to “encourage or incite (a strong emotion or tendency).” To be stoked is to be fired up and excited about something. To be stokable is to have the ability to get easily fired up and excited about something. I’ve always been pretty stokable. When someone has a good idea I automatically say, “Let’s do it!” When someone tells me I’d love a book or movie or TV show, I try to get it immediately.

Another part of being stokable is really enjoying whatever you are doing right now. I don’t use the word “bored” when talking about myself. I can be sad, I can be angry, I have all the normal human emotions, but I’m never bored. If I’m doing something, I typically love it!

There can be some downsides to living at an extremely high level of stoke… just ask my wife. Here are a few of my annoying habits because of my stokeableness:
1, I make “ummmmm” sounds when I eat and I don’t even know it.
2, I often say, “This is the best (fill in the blank) ever!” Like I said before, I love whatever I’m doing right now, so the sandwich I’m eating is probably the best sandwich I’ve ever had.
3, Because I’m so happy and positive I don’t always do the best job of giving constructive criticism or advice. For example, my wife asks, “How does this look?” And I always answer, “It looks amazing” because I really believe she looks amazing in anything, but that’s not always the helpful answer she’s looking for.

I’m not saying you have to be as annoying about it as I am, but for your own happiness may I suggest that in 2017 you seek to raise your level of stoke! Stokable makes for a more enjoyable life, trust me!

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