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Racism is a lie, stop using that word

There is only one race of mankind, the human race. Use of the word racism gives credence to the false notion that one race of humans has ill feelings towards another race of humans and that implies that we are different races. Using the word racism and believing that we are different races in only a tool to further divide mankind, and build the false idea that we were not created equally, but to manufacture differences.

We have differences, different believes, different nationalities and different cultures. We have different languages and religions… but we are all of the same blood and we are all one race.

The more we use the words race and racism, the more fuel we add to the fire of division. Don’t get me wrong, there are divisions among mankind,but not based on “race.” Our divisions are cultural, philosophical, political and religious. Those divisions are real. But we shouldn’t be classed any differently based on the pigment of our skin.

“Racism” is based on bias, hate, bigotry and ignorance. But we can do our part to end that ignorance by understanding that the term racism only perpetuates the problem of skin color division.

So here’s my suggestion:

  • Avoid using the words race/racism.
  • Judge people by their character and beliefs, not by their color.
  • Understand that we have differences and often what we call a race, is in fact a culture.
  • Know that all human life is created equal.

An excellent book on the subject (though he does use the words race and racism) is “Under Our Skin” by Benjamin Watson. Watson, a black NFL player with an incredible ability to communicate grace, peace and truth is someone I really look up to.

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